Welcome to the Horde


More than 80 traits divided into 3 categories, head, expression, and body between 6 different rarity levels.

Launch Date


1313 unique Orcs have been generated and all will be available to public mint

No Gimmick

No money-washing, no lies, project backed by newsletter-rich content with a fixed rate for a treasury wallet

The Horde OG Sword

Interact constantly on our Twitter and get a chance to be invited to own a sword!
The sword gives you unique long-term advantages beyond whitelisting for the mint

Project Roadmap

We actually don’t have one and there’s no need for that, the project is not a product/tool! We bring The Horde Newsletter as free rich content for everyone, before and after the launch and, of course:

  • A treasury public wallet will be handling microtransactions related to floor keeping, 100% transparent for the public with realistic small changes.
  • Private discord for holders only for closer communication and educational content about health flipping and project curation.

Project Information

Policy ID


Verified on 🙂


1313 NFTs. 1k reserved for 200 OG holders, send ADA and receive NFT minting.

Project Future

We created the project because Cardano needed it. Everything here is newborn and we want to make it right by teaching and talking with everybody about the mechanics on NFTs, if you want to flip, you’re welcome, if you want to hold, you’re welcome. We want to keep pushing new content full time and doing heavy curation over NFTs projects where you’ll be able to invest or not, by your choice. No influencer, no paid shilling, no bots.

and obviously, we want to CONQUERING EVERYTHING


Our little army meets on Twitter and on our Substack for now!

Further, discord will be available for holders and we will discuss our plan to CONQUER the entire Cardano community throughout our campaign (the educational campaign).

Join our newsletter and keep in touch with us on twitter! (Please, stop supporting rugs and be part of something that lasts this time)


We don’t want to make a metaverse, 3d drops, or anything that hype and fear lead other projects to do.

Educational content, holders only discord, project curation, good collaborations, and a really good mindset is our main goal, nothing beyond that.

The Team

We are a collective of members from the Cardano community who have been helping small creators and developing projects since Q2 2021, we created Cute Dumb Orcs because we need to create something on the chain that can help, teach and avoid scams and rug pulls. You can talk find us on Discord Communities as The Cultist#9033